Air Knife Manufacturer in Mumbai


Air Knife system uses compressed air to blow / cool off excess water /oil / dust particles form a product. Since the Air knife does not practically come in contact with the material it is used upon the material stays clean. We offer Air knife nozzle that is made high-grade raw material. We usually offer Air knife made of Aluminium / Stainless Steel,Air Knife Manufacturer in Mumbai


Film drying
Food Items drying
Tin Can drying
Bottle drying
Drying and Cleaning of Metal profiles
Plastic granules drying
Water Blow off
Dust / Dirt Blow off
Blowing off Oil from Noodles
Blowing off Oil from Pastas
Cooling of Coated plastic / polymer film
Drying of Coated plastic / polymer film
Cooling of printed circuit boards
Drying of printed circuit boards
Cooling of Coated Paper
As air curtain for protection of sensors
Tube drying
Air Knife Manufacturer in Mumbai

Industries Catered:
Food Processing Industries
Packaging and Processing Industries
Noodle Manufacturing
Metal Processing Industries
Agro Based Industries
Plastic Manufacturing and Processing

Low maintenance
Compact Design
High efficiency
No Lubrication required
High temperature Capability
Low operating and maintenance cost
Air Knife Manufacturer in Mumbai