Pneumatic Conveying System

¬Shree Udyog specialises in manufacturing different types of pneumatic conveying systems. Years of experience have helped us pioneer the design for various material conveying systems. Our Pneumatic conveying systems provide high efficiency and have been tried and tested in various industries for their better performance. We only make use of high-grade raw material to manufacture our products. We make use of different materials depending upon the requirement of material to be conveyed.

Material Conveyed:

Food Grains

Pulverized material

Plastic granules

Polymer chips

Plastic grinding
Material Conveying
Plastic Chippings
Paint Powder

Industries Catered:
Plastic / Polymer Industries
Agro Industries
Paper Mills
Paint processing
Textile Industries
Wood working industries
Pharmaceutical Industries
Powder processing Industries
Tobacco Processing Industries
Food Processing Industries (Grain Handling)
Plastic / Polymer Printing and Processing Industries

Machines Compatible:
Some of the machines that our dust collection systems are used with are listed herewith:
Polishing / Surfacing Machines
Rubber Grinding Machines
Surface Grinding Machines
Wood Cutting Machinery
Sand Blasting Machines
Sand Blasting Machines
Small Machine Tools
Cutting Machines
Honing Machines
Drilling Machines
Milling Machines

How to order:
When sending an enquiry kindly specify the following:
Volume of air to be displaced (units: m3/hr. | c.f.m.)
Total static pressure. Please specify pressure to be considered at working conditions or NTP. (units: mm of wgp | inches of wgp | mm of Hg | inches of Hg)
Temperature or humidity conditions.
Direction of rotation from while viewing from suction end.
Direction / Position of discharge. (refer direction image, Incase the direction/position is not specified we will supply the fan with clockwise direction of rotation and C1 discharge position.)
Cross section of discharge (round | Square | rectangular)