Hopper Autoloader

The Hopper Auto-loader ensures that the hopper is always full. The ladder stops loading material once the hopper is full and automatically restarts the loading as soon as the material level inside the hopper falls.

The turbine blower exhausts air from the receiver creating a vacuum. Due to the vacuum, material from the bin rises via the flexible pipe connecting the receiver to the material suction probe (the probe remains partly submerged in the bin containing resins/ materials). An efficient filter between, filters the air to remove 'fines' and dust of the resin. Timer on panel controls loading time.

The material is unloaded from the receiver into the hopper via a flapper gate, which opens under the weight of the material. Once the material is unloaded into the hopper and receiver is empty, the flapper gate closes and the cycle of suction of the material from the bin restarts a gain with 3-5 seconds delay.

Noiseless operations
No leakage
Low and easy maintenance
Reducedmaterial wastage
No wear and tear
No Compressed air requirement
High efficiency and reliability
Reduced Labour Costs
How to order:
When sending an enquiry kindly specify the following:
Volume of air to be displaced (units: m3/hr. | c.f.m.)
Total static pressure. Please specify pressure to be considered at working conditions or NTP. (units: mm of wgp | inches of wgp | mm of Hg | inches of Hg)
Temperature or humidity conditions.
Direction of rotation from while viewing from suction end.
Direction / Position of discharge. (refer direction image, Incase the direction/position is not specified we will supply the fan with clockwise direction of rotation and C1 discharge position.)
Cross section of discharge (round | Square | rectangular)